WE’VE been locked out!

No more wandering through the house with Sky hopping through windows – the doors are in and the locks are on:

We couldn’t enter the house to see what else has been done but we did find that all the melamine shelving had been installed in the walk-in-linen and broom closet:

The walk-in-wardrobe:

And the guest bedroom wardrobes:

We couldn’t see into the pantry, the kitchen and bathroom cabinetry had not been installed and we forgot to check if the living room wiring had been patched up. But the damaged render on the front of the house had been repaired – flawlessly, I might add – and the roof had been dusted off slightly. And so, sadly, we can’t give you anything more to look at.

As mentioned in the last post, on Monday April 4, Brendan will meet with our building supervisor Lee and he will be able to take more pictures then. I believe in the next week, they will be installing the kitchen, laundry and bathroom cabinets and they may manage to get some tiling done as well. The ceilings, cornices and doors should also be painted.

I am away in England for a family funeral until April 12 so I’ll be looking forward to the good news and pretty pictures when I return, hopefully as much as the rest of you are!