NOT much has gone on to the uninitiated but we know the guys putting up the Gyprock and cornices had some fun times this past week putting our ceilings up:

In fact, these calculations pretty much sum it up:

Other than that, we discovered a couple of other things as we walked through the house, such as the repaired gutter on the front:

The manhole where Brendan plans to spend some time climbing in and out:

Re-chased wiring in the living room for the Foxtel connection:

And a business card tagged to the front door. I don’t know anyone else who does painting and soakwells but I’m willing to bet this Jack of all trades isn’t going to do either properly!

Anyway, as mentioned before, our neighbours had gone into foreclosure and the house was up for auction. Apparently no one took the bait, and we discovered why. The house was in such a state of disrepair you would have to put in at least another $30,000 to get it back looking half decent again. It is now being offered for $325,000, a bargain if you have the money to spend to do it up or if you can deal with peeling vinyl flooring:

Alas, our lock-up meeting with our supervisor Lee is coming up on April 4. Brendan will have to meet him on his own as I have family business in England to attend to but we’re compiling a list for him to take along. Knowing how efficient the supervisor has been though, we’re more than willing to assume at this stage that everything will be quite minor. Fingers crossed it will stay that way.

Next week should be our final chance to enter the house on our own before lock-up so let’s hope we have doors and maybe even cabinets to show off then. Till next time!