SHOULDN’T throw rocks – not at our house anyway!

This week, all the glass has been installed, meaning we have working windows, sliding entries and a front door too:

But that’s not all. The plastering on the walls has been completed as well:

Apparently, it’s received the seal of approval from this plasterer…

The ceiling should go in next week, seeing as they’ve already delivered the Gyprock boards and cornice:

But for the real kicker: we have a whopping amount of roof insulation going in – all of ONE roll of 16 batts:

Suddenly, Brendan is scheduling himself in to lay another four bundles at least, or whatever it takes to get the insulation to where we think it needs to be. Anyone have any ideas of how much we should put up there?

I think now that the walls are white instead of that odd grey-green hue you get from render, the house has opened up a lot and seems much more spacious and inviting. Funnily enough, it still feels like the living area is small, and Brendan thinks I’m mad. Here he is measuring it up to show me that the TV will be tiny when I am watching the news while preparing dinner at the kitchen island – how chauvinistic of him!

When we made the selections for the house, one of the choices we had to make was the type of door handles that are installed. Unfortunately, because we have a metal door instead of a wooden one, we didn’t have a choice with the one that goes on the front door. We’re mostly relieved it doesn’t look like one of those office door handles like I had feared! It’s not the prettiest, but it will do.

We’ve opted to go for wind-out, louvered windows for the front elevation and they’re nice and big and we got a good breeze through once they were fully opened up:

Another thing that was installed this week was the e-Wire point in our home, or that’s what we think it was anyway:

We didn’t think the e-Wire was going to go in now, in fact they didn’t even tell us they were going to do it. I’m assuming they made arrangements with Celebration Homes to get the installation done after the electrical wiring if not I don’t know what’s gone on here! e-Wire provides TV and Foxtel connections from underground so we don’t need an antennae or satellite and it also connects us to the fibre optic network in the area. The black wire is for the TV, and the red and blue are the network cables currently connected in the study:

I realise now we have more outdoor lights that I remember so I’ll need to start buying security lights for when my Dad comes over too:

And Brendan insists that we need to replace these wonderfully gaudy bronze taps as well:

While this trip was again a good one, and left us all smiles all around, we noticed a blip in our radar. The beautiful bush that formed the view from our alfresco has been totally cleared:

And I mean all of it. No more sloppy newspaper pile, no more dirt bike tracks, nothing. I was angry, mostly because I’ve seen enough yellow sand in the past six months to recreate Abu Dhabi. But I needed an explanation, and now.

And this is it: the Butler Extension Project:

Apparently they have begun work to extend the train line and the freeway from Clarkson to Butler and it will all sit comfortably in our back-backyard. The prospect of traffic noise and trains grinding on tracks isn’t new to me for those who have seen my Singapore apartment, but I didn’t come all the way here to get the same thing!

Anyway, to take my mind off things, we went to check out the rest of the dog beach at Quinns Beach and Brendan and Sky had a ball of a time:

Till next week!