THANKS to Australia’s good, old-fashioned construction methods, we got laid! *Immature chuckle* Okay, we have a slab.

Brendan and I had driven from his brother’s place after Lizzie’s birthday party and we were both feeling a little sick from all the excitement of possibly seeing our slab — or the fact that we might not see anything at all due to delays.

As we turned round the corner, I felt Brendan’s heart sink as he said, “Nah, there’s nothing.” But I popped my head up in the car and yelled over his head, “It’s there! It’s THERE!” I never thought I’d be this happy to see a piece of concrete… Brendan had a goofy smile plastered across his face from that point on.

As explained in our last post, the land was compacted last week to make way for the slab-on-grade shallow foundations that they use here in Western Australia. This meant that we were well on track to seeing our slab poured and ready for the brickwork by the weekend.

The slab was set to be poured on the January 6, and we don’t know exactly when it was poured, but we were there on Saturday (Jan 8) and it still looked pretty fresh. It wasn’t wet, but it wasn’t cured either. Most of the slab was still that dark, cement colour, but it wasn’t wet enough for us to put in Sky’s paw prints in the floor like we had hoped to do!

Brendan’s worst enemy — the site toilet:

Anyone knows what this blue stuff is?

Note that the garage floor hasn’t been poured because they will do that after the walls have gone up around it. In the meantime, they have marked it out with trenches:

Me (and a very hot Sky) standing in my kitchen:

It’s very exciting to see your all those months of planning and paperwork come to fruition, but the thought that we’ll be in debt for most of our lives because of this lump of concrete is indeed intoxicating. All in the same, we can’t wait for next week!