WITH the knowledge our slab would be poured sometime next week, Brendan and I decided it might be wise to patch that hole in our back fence. One part of us were hoping our land would have been scraped and tested for the slab, and the other part was trying not to get too excited so if nothing had happened, we wouldn’t be completely disappointed.

But a trip to the site was well worth it — the land has been cleared and even had a compaction certificate!

I think we forgot how big our land was! It looks much wider now that all the bush and weeds have been cleared. This is Sky and me approximately where my kitchen is:

Sky and Brendan took the liberty to put their footprints all over the scraped area, which I’m sure did no harm seeing as they still need to connect the water and gas pipes before they can pour the slab down. Brendan and Sky are just in front of the alfresco area:

Sky running in the area reserved for the back yard. It’s not huge but that’s a good thing for us!

But we were here to repair that annoying hole in the fence and so we (or should I say Brendan) went to work:

Et voilà:

Hopefully next Sunday, when we’re up that way again for Lizzie’s 4th birthday party, we will have a slab to show you!