MOVING in with my new housemate Simon meant that I had the chance to explore the infantile Newhaven establishment his suburb Piara Waters was created for. And lo and behold, I found the elevation we’re after in real life while walking Sky:

It’s a horrid colour choice, but the exact features are all there which makes me happy because it looks good. Just think a dark roof and more neutral scheme and we’re talking.

Here’s how the front portico looks with the feature. Our door is set at the same angle, but we have a full glass door instead. I’ve definitely warmed to this elevation now that I’ve seen it:

And another thing I discovered while wandering through the streets of our new neighbourhood? People have weird ideas for their letterboxes…

This must be what happens when a Bunnings trip wasn’t quite planned in time:

And when you’ve got an aversion to quadrilateral objects: