BRENDAN got me thinking about our ensuite, and my kitchen has been bugging me for a while. I don’t want more regrets—my biggest regret at the moment is a result of not lifting the living areas to 31 brick courses high. Such a late structural change means that we would have to fork out an extra $6500, something we can’t afford at this point because there’s no way we’re going over our set budget. But about that some other time…

Yes, we want a black ensuite, but the countertops are fugly at best. Despite my aversion to the available laminates, I took time to put together another alternative so that Brendan and I could ensure we didn’t regret anything else:

It’s not as bad as I thought, with the black Laminex chip representing the black tile that will be laid on the floor. Our chosen cupboard laminate is the same one Simon (our house mate) has used in his kitchen and therefore gives us a slightly better perspective than any sample could. Any thoughts?

Also, inset #1 is the original scheme from my last post, and inset #2 is Simon’s kitchen cupboards so you can have a better look at what it looks like installed.

And now, back to my all-important kitchen. I’ve sat with about a dozen chips of white counters and white laminates to get the look I want, because the only thing I was sure of was the walnut for the island bench. Now, I think I finally have it. Here is the Laminex Squareform “Natural Quartz” counter with “Parchment” cupboard fronts against the woodgrain:

I think I’m finally satisfied! Let’s hope Brendan agrees… And Simon’s laminate flooring is a similar (but slightly lighter) hue to what we want so it gives us a good idea of how everything looks together.

Comments please!