SETTLEMENT was meant to be yesterday, but because of the extension requested by our lender, it’s all a waiting game right now.

My settlement agent is waiting for word from our finance broker who, in turn, is waiting for our lender to come back to us. Our broker said the solicitors have returned the Enduring Power of Attorney document this morning, so that can only be good news. But alas, we are still waiting!

Despite the progress, it seems the owner is getting agitated with the wait (as we are, but what can we do?) and is now taking out her frustrations out on the real estate agent! How ridiculous! There’s nothing she can do to hurry our lender up though, as she’s signed the variation contract to acknowledge that settlement may only take place by July 20.

Doesn’t she realise we’re as anxious as she is to sort this out? We are hopeful our lender will book settlement on Friday, if not our hands are tied and nothing can move forward.

Keep your fingers crossed, thumbs pressed, etc. for us!