WELL, we’re still waiting for settlement obviously, since it’s been pushed to July 20. But I thought because I was going all the way up to Yanchep yesterday to visit our friends Cat, Harry and their kids in their new house, I’d drop by to snap a few pictures of Vanderlin for this blog.

And lo and behold, there was a “SOLD” sign :

Brilliant! That just gave me that little boost, knowing that soon, we could call it all ours.

I also snapped a couple of other shots in case anyone might be as interested in a big, rectangular patch of sand as I am at the moment.

Side note: apologies for the blurry images—it was sunset and I was down to choosing between using a flash and long exposure. You can guess which one Miss Shaky Hands decided to go with. And I thought I was doing well too…sheesh.

Our neighbours to the left:

Neighbours and the rest of the street to the right:

The house that will directly face our garage. The front of the house sort of faces the corner of Vanderlin and Erina Way:

Then as I stood there snapping away before the sun disappeared completely, I noticed the neighbour’s cat jump over the fence into our plot and crawl away through this hole. I had to see where it led to, and made a mental note that Sky will probably deal with the cat for me later (haha):

I knew it was mostly bush behind our plot:

But I never knew there was this much!

And I didn’t know there was such a steep drop either. To the right:

To the left:

And right below my feet—how beautiful—stacks of The Sunday Times just dumped through the gap in the fence. Thanks asshole:

But I am content with the knowledge that I can have breakfast in my alfresco while watching the sun rise, and can gaze at the setting sun if I decide to hit the sheets early: