TAKE a peek…

…at our new roof!

The roof is meant to be a dark grey, almost black. But it’s so dusty it looks lighter than what it really is. Unfortunately, I forgot to take a photo of a scrap of roof we found in the skip in our frenzy to find out if they had put on the wrong colour on by mistake so this is all we have for now. I’m sure it will rain soon enough and show up the right Colorbond hue:

And of course, down pipes and (dented) gutters galore:

Don’t worry, we’re getting that bump fixed. With the roof came all the wiring, plumbing, gas fittings and rendering of the house.

The front render is obviously complete, and Brendan is impressed with the workmanship, although he reckons once he’s had a go with the texture coat, “it’s going to look loads better” – his words exactly:

The front render will get painted in a couple of weeks so for now we have a very one-dimensional, grey house to look at:

Brendan insisted I take this photo so that we could capture the quality of the rendering on the planter box. Apparently, it’s good but I wouldn’t know it from a pig’s bottom, so to speak:

Kitchen render complete:

The ensuite with plumbing for our rain shower and double sinks:

It was mind-boggling how much wiring we have running through the house, with more junction boxes than I cared to count. Unfortunately, I spotted that one of the power points under the laundry bench is missing, which set alarm bells off in our head. Next thing you know, we were looking up our plans online to make sure everything else was where it was supposed to be, but we can’t be sure until we visit the site again with print-outs in hand!

Brendan didn’t like the position of this power point:

One of the gazillion junction boxes:

We have a lot of conduit running through the house for CAT 6 cabling, air-conditioning, and other provisions that will be going in at a later date, but this one’s been rendered in completely by accident. Hmmm…

A huge length of copper pipe had to be run through the roof space for the gas bayonet in the living area and the alfresco:

The gas pipes start here, where our on-demand gas hot water system will sit:

And end up in the backyard. No more running out of gas during barbeques!

The flumes are in as well, and to be honest, I didn’t think we had three — I swear we had only two — but I’m not complaining. This one is above the ensuite shower, there’s another for the guest bathroom and a third for the kitchen extractor fan. I’m guessing once they complete the installation we won’t be able to see the sky through the cut-out!

Oh and finally, the plumbing works and we have amazing water pressure too. Yay!

On a side note, this is Brendan’s giant rear garage access in full view:

And Sky being extremely naughty… She ran out to the neighbour’s house, pretended she couldn’t hear us, then when she decided to come back, she cringed in wait of the big scolding from us. What a little cheek!