GUESS what?

We have a roof frame!

As you can tell, Brendan’s happy:

We had a chat to our building consultant this week and it appears our supervisor Lee has big plans for our progress. Obviously this week the roof frame, fascias and eaves went in, along with the ceiling in the alfresco. By the end of next week apparently, all the gutters and downpipes will be installed together with the Colorbond roof. The following week, the wiring, plumbing, rendering and plastering will be complete. And finally, by the middle of March, we will have our first meeting with our supervisor. Phew!

We may meet with Lee earlier, depending on progress and when the tiling gets done — we want the guest bathroom to be tiled a certain way and it’s best to explain it to him on site. Nevertheless, we are full steam ahead thanks to him and it’s incredibly exhilarating.

Here is Brendan investigating the flumes for the bathrooms/toilets and the kitchen rangehood. They are the same colour as our roof – Colorbond Monument. Our downpipes are also waiting on the side; they will be painted to match the bricks:

The view of the entire garage with Brendan’s pride and joy – his rear roller door access to the back of the house. The gutters are also lying on the left:

While investigating the manual roller door recess, Brendan found a rather, umm, delightful message. We’ll let you decide if it was left for our supervisor or us owners!

Moving through the rest of the house, we are glad to see all the eaves and the lining in the portico complete:

The channels for the wiring have also been chased in. Here is the one in our living room to accommodate a quad power outlet, conduit, TV point and an extra double power point:

An example of the holes cut it for light switches:

And for the cherry on top: our alfresco has a roof!

I thought I’d mention Brendan and I thought it was a damned shame that so much wood from the roof frame was just thrown in the skip and will probably be relegated to a recycling tip or mulcher. So if any of you need firewood as the ephemeral summer eludes us, feel free to pop by…

We probably won’t visit next week, seeing as a roof that will be on the house forever will be the only thing going on. But if I can be bothered to photograph the wiring and maybe even the rendering, I might convince Brendan to come along.

This week’s parting shot: Sky extremely bored in the car on the long drive up: