WOW, it’s incredible how fast the walls are going up!

We needed to travel north to collect tools that Brendan left on-site at a Mindarie job so we threw the puppy in the car and off we went. Being a Friday, we were lucky to see the brickies still working at 2pm but, in fact, they were simply finishing up their last course for the day.

The view from the back:

The two large windows to the left lead to a guest room each:

Brendan and Sky in the alfresco area looking through the sliding doors leading to our dining room:

Of course, it goes without saying that we should have anticipated the brickies being there, but we didn’t. And Brendan immediately felt bad because he “should’ve known better,” as the Scouser brickie reiterated — yes, it’s common knowledge that ice-cold beers on a Friday afternoon never go astray on a work site. So we trundled off to get a couple of six-packs for the guys:

This meant I had the opportunity to take pictures of things that only I would be remotely interested in, including the window to my walk-in-wardrobe:

And the almost non-existent space between our garage wall and neighbour’s fence:

Oh and here’s the same laundry/guest bathroom area from the last post with the external walls now up. The window on the left goes above the bathtub; on its right is the laundry door; and the smaller window next to that goes above the guest toilet. Can you see it more clearly now?

We’re excited that this is all coming together so quick. Even Sky has more to sniff and try and eat on the building site, including Hungry Jacks wrappers, Coke cans and even beer bottles for her to kick around! But the brickies say that it will take another two weeks before they’re done to plate height, after which our roof can go on.

While we wait for that to happen, here’s Sky looking extremely ugly (haha) as she waits for me to finish blogging and play with her: