BRENDAN came home from a 13-hour day a little delirious but surprisingly perky as well. Why? He was working all the way north in Mindarie, meaning he was a mere five minutes from our build and apparently, this is what he found when he popped by with his mate Mark to have a look:

Yes, our bricks have arrived and the walls are going up! Along with the site power and “mini skip” that weren’t there when the slab was down, the door frames have also been plonked on-site:

Window frames:

Brick for rendered front elevation:

This was very unexpected only because the bank had called on Monday to explain that they would have to send out a building inspector before the money could be released. Non-payment usually means no work will be done, but Celebration Homes has put a smile on our faces once again by carrying on with construction!

And what really got Brendan excited was seeing the wall of his garage up at almost full height. It’s the one wall in the entire home that is built right on the boundary (against our neighbour’s fence) and requires a fire break so we’re assuming that’s why it’s been done first. As you can see, Brendan is very pleased with the progress:

A close-up of the “Naturaliste” brick from Austral and the rolled mortar:

He also discovered they had built two courses of our external brickwork all around the slab (the internal/red brickwork goes in later):

And the brickies had also plotted out the rooms. FYI: The dug out areas are for the bathtub and shower in the guest bathroom; to its right is the laundry; the smallish area to the right of that (with the pipe in the floor) is the guest toilet; and the square area in front of the toilet is the walk-in linen and broom closet :

Oh, and Brendan found an annoying crack in the slab in the master bedroom (grrr). I’ll probably mention it to my construction coordinator but Simon reckons he had more than a few on his slab as well:

We are now keen to check in on the progress on the weekend, although I’ve decided with Australia Day (public holiday) tomorrow, I won’t set myself up for disappointment and expect too much to happen from now until Sunday.