JUST a few quick changes we made that I forgot about…

This is the final elevation colour scheme. This should give you a good idea of what is “Charcoal” (darker shade) and what is “Dune” on the features. Again, roof is Colorbond “Monument” and garage door is “Surfmist”:

We also altered the tiling around the bath to match this one shown here. Reason being we have a lot of white and we just wanted to tone it down with the darker charcoal tiles:

And a couple of changes to the kitchen island bench. I added heavy-duty pot drawers, moved the sink over to the right so that’s it’s between the fridge and the stove, and the utensil drawers have been shifted to make way for a power outlet installed on the side of the bench, about 800mm above floor level:

Finally, I wanted to make the doors on the back bench cupboards larger so that I would have two to open instead of three and apparently, it wasn’t allowed as the doors have a maximum width and my drawings exceeded it. I was a bit grumpy about it at first but got over it pretty quick (haha). This was the original plan that was rejected:

Nothing major, but every little thing makes a difference.