I DIDN’T get the chance to mention any of this in the last post, but while Brendan is away in England to visit family (he’s been away since June 7), our current rental was put up for sale. That normally isn’t a problem, because the real estate agents are required to honour any rental agreements in place. The problem: our contracts ran out in April.

That simply means they had to give us 30 days notice to pack up and leave—and that’s what they did Wednesday morning. So now, I have to pack the house up, clean it and move out by September 6. Add to that the fact Brendan was meant to be fly back to Australia on Monday but won’t be for another weeks has left me a stressed out mess. What happened, you ask?

The weekend before he was due to fly home, Brendan went out one last time with his boys. While in his drunken stupor,  Brendan and I had a chat that morning—4am his time, 11am my time—during which he mentioned that he had been play-fighting with some on his friends and had hurt his leg. In fact, and Brendan didn’t realise at the time, he had broken his leg in two places—the fibula and his ankle! In a matter of 24 hours, he was in hospital, in surgery, and was left with a rod and pins in his leg. And now it seems he won’t be back for another two weeks…

Anyway, since then, we’ve received the “pre-start” folder from Celebration Homes—it’s basically a file containing all the available finishes for our house that he have to make our selections from. There’s everything from paint colours, roof colours, window frames, and tiles, to doors, countertops, tapware, toilet suites, and even the kitchen sink! They can only contain so many samples in the folder so we’ll have to choose the rest when we get to the pre-start interview, now scheduled for September 3.