FINALLY, it’s all coming together! Settlement has been booked for Monday afternoon and I managed to drop off the cheque on Friday for the deposit + fees. Phew!

When I handed the cheque over to my settlement agent, he informed me the hole in the fence was apparently repaired on Thursday. He said it’d be a good idea for me to visit the site over the weekend to make sure it had been done properly and in time for settlement and I agreed.

Back track: after extending the settlement by two weeks, the owner decided it would be a good idea to phone up the real estate agent and verbally abuse him and his staff because she wanted to get the land sold as soon as possible. The poor agent had no control over the matter—my lender was at fault—and even though the owner signed the extension agreement, she saw fit to make her discontent known. But of course, there was nothing she could do to hurry things up, and when she was told she had to fix the fence for safety reasons before handing over the papers, she reportedly kicked up another fuss. Sheesh!

Anyway, nursing a mild hangover and after taking Sky out to Hillarys Boat Harbour for the day, we paid a visit to the site and found this:

After that hissy fit and the owner can’t even get her side of things done so we can move things along? What the hell is with these people!

That issue aside, I actually arrived earlier this time and managed a better look at the surrounds (and I’ve updated some of the shaky pictures from the previous post).

I’m standing a few steps in front of the back fence here. I think with the car parked where the driveway should be, it gives a good idea of the size of the plot:

And this time, I managed to get a glimpse of where the Mitchell Freeway extension will be (yup, it’ll be put in where that lamp post is):

I also noticed a dirt track where a couple of kids were mountain biking:

Before we headed home, I decided to drive around and see what was nearby; Brendan and I did it when we first visited the plot but we didn’t have the time to get out of the car and take a proper look around. Mainly I wanted to find somewhere nice to walk Sky, and I think I’ve found it!

If you follow our road back to the main stretch, you will come a cross a sports club with a rugby-sized field, and this park and duck pond next to it:

Playground for my goddaughters and Brendan’s niece Lizzie:

And there was a short bush walk across from the pond as well:

Sky seemed to like it a lot:

Contented with our finds, we went home.