JUST a quick update…

So as part of our offer for the Vanderlin plot, the owner accepted the conditions that we would require 30 days for mortgage approval, and 40 days for FIRB approval, and settlement will take place after we received unconditional mortgage approval.

We have been given the green light both from the Foreign Investment Review Board and Homeside Lending now, but we were only given 21 days for settlement. Unfortunately, the solicitors for Homeside are checking up on my Enduring Power of Attorney documents (which are more than kosher, by the way) and have extended settlement for another two weeks. *Sigh*

My settlement agent and finance broker seem to think there shouldn’t be a problem at all but we can’t get ahead of ourselves, now can we?

All I can say is that EPOA has been almost more trouble than it’s worth and I wish Brendan wasn’t all the way in England so he could just sign on the dotted line himself—all 200 of them!