NORM just emailed us with the preliminary plans with the structural changes we have requested. They’re all quite minor because even though there is temptation to chop and change every single part of the house imaginable. We are conscious that this is our first house (and the budget is undeniably tight) so getting everything the way we want is just plain greedy at this point.

Please note the PWC plan is set on our plot of land which is 18 x 32m. The setback is a council requirement so our backyard will have to be limited to a 5-6m depth. Oh well, better than nothing! Brendan is just happy he’s got space to chuck a work shed in there; typical.

Nonetheless, here are the changes as marked:

  1. Upgrade to double shower; add highlight window to suit.
  2. Increase ensuite width by 450mm by utlising entry recess. Provide centred bank of drawers to vanity. Extend mirror by 450mm.
  3. Reconfigure walk-in-wardrobe to Bedroom 1: close entry nearest window.
  4. Provide manual roller door to rear of garage.
  5. Extend garage 500mm to boundary and install fire break.
  6. Extend kitchen island bench to 3500mm.
  7. Provide double door sliding wardrobes (mirror finish) to Bedrooms 3 and 4 in lieu of standard.
  8. Provide additional gas bayonet with venting in alfresco for barbecue.
  9. Provide single “one lite” Benchmark door and aluminium frame with side glass panels to front entry.
  10. Relocate door from ensuite toilet to front of ensuite.
  11. Provide Rinnai “Infinity 26” 5-star instantaneous hot water system.

Also, the plan needs to flipped, i.e. the garage should be on the left so that the living areas are north-facing to take advantage of the way the plot sits. This also means that we can watch the sun set from our bedroom—better than watching the sun rise burn into our retinas in the morning like at our current rental in Westminster!

The correct facing plan from the Celebration Homes website:

Our selected elevation. And, yes, we’ve gone with a Colorbond roof:

We’re holding back on anymore big structural changes so that we can put more money into installing extra power points in the house, downlights (thanks Dad!), paint and flooring. Phew!